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Principal’s Message
Dear Parents, Faculty, Students and Staff,

It is amazing how quickly this school year is progressing. With a multitude of holidays and staff professional development days, we havea total of nineteen instructional days left in the first semester after we return from the Thanksgiving Holiday. This is all the more reason to send your child to school every day unless they are sick. A recent article in the publication, Education Week, pointed out that students who miss school in the early part of the school year, are much more likely to continue to miss school the entire year, and become chronic truants. It was also noted in the article that students who are chronically absent from school in their elementary years, have a five times greater chance of dropping out of school before they graduate from high school. They are also much more likely to be one or more grade levels behind their peers in reading and math skills by the time they finish third grade, and they remain behind for their entire educational career. Please don’t short change your child’s chances for a good education. Unless they are ill, they need to be in school every day.

Also, related to daily attendance is coming to school on time. As a reminder, daily instruction begins at 7:45 A.M., with the warning bell ringing at 7:40 A.M. We will begin locking out gates at 7:45 A.M., and children arriving after this time will need to get a tardy pass from the Main Office. Please ensure your child is at school no later than 7:40 A.M.

For those parents who make it a priority to have their children in school every day, I want to thank you, and encourage you to continue to stay focused on your child’s education and future. I also want to take this opportunity to wish all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Also, should you have questions or concerns about our school or programs, my door is always open. I can also be reached at 327-4313, or jim_denight@notes.k12.hi.us


J. Denight