Community Engagement




Principal’s Message
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our attention continues to be focused on student achievement and all the variables that contribute to increasing student learning. We are all very aware that in order to ensure our students are career and college ready they must be able to succeed in both a rigorous field of study, but also demonstrate among other traits, the skills of optimism and communication. In an article by Y. Zaho, “World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students”, optimism is describe as a belief that outcomes are more likely to be positive than negative. Optimist recognize challenges, find ways to avoid negative outcomes, or move beyond them. As parents and educators, we should remember that “optimism can be built through encouragement-and encouragement builds confidence”.

Communication is also a skill students need to be college or career ready. Students must be able to speak well, write well, and work well with other people. Parents and teachers must work with our children to ensure they can explain things clearly, address a variety of audience, and develop strong listing skills. I feel confident that by working together, and establishing a strong bond between the school and community, we can ensure our students will be career and college ready when they leave Kahakai and continue their journey through secondary education and beyond.


James Denight