Community Engagement




“W.O.W.” Wednesday
“W.O.W.” Wednesday is a school-wide positive behavior assembly, which will be held in the small playground, every Wednesday morning. “W.O.W.” stands for “Wonderful Outstanding Warriors of Kahakai Elementary School”.

Students will be receiving “W.O.W.” tickets from all staff members, when students are observed being a good citizen, “Community Contributor” (GLO 2) and more. Our word of the month for October/November is Sense of Belonging or Respect.
There will be ticket receptacles in the cafeteria for students to put their tickets in. Prizes will be awarded by a drawing of the tickets. Weekly winners will be entered for a grand prize drawing at the end of the school year.

This month the prize is a WOW Excellence band.
Strengthened Sense of Excellence:
"I believe I can succeed in school and life and am inspired to care about the quality of my work."
“W.O.W.” Wednesday is an activity of PBIS
Here are some photos from the first WOW Wednesday.
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