I’m Artyom, or Arty, and I’m a geek, a digital nomad, a surfer, a software engineer, a community organizer, a public speaker, and the list can go on.

Over my career, I’ve always been a generalist: I worked as an Android developer, as an iOS developer, as a backend engineer, sometimes all of those at the same time.

I strive to use the best tools for the job, whatever they may be. If I need to learn a new language, I’ll learn a new language; if I need to understand a new paradigm, I will, and I will do it fast. I have broad experience with different languages, frameworks, libraries, methodologies, tools.

I’m highly adaptable, passionate about technology, dedicated to work I do, and I excel at communicating with both developers from the team I’m in and other teams.

Today I’m looking for an opportunity as a Software Engineer in backend to make a transition from mobile app development to backend development. Recent experience includes 2 years of professional Python experience, about 2 years of non-professional Go experience, and 1 year of non-professional Elixir experience, and I’m open to considering any opportunity that will allow me to deepen the knowledge with backend technologies.

I use Neovim btw.


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