Passion is superpower

Recently I participated in a social program made for unemployed people to help them develop the skills for their personal and professional path. The participation became an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me, and there a lot of things that struck me and stuck with me.

Once we had a session with our main lecturer and organizer, and I want to share one thing, the ending of one of his stories that almost made me cry, because I recognized myself and my life path in these words, and didn’t even think I needed to hear that from someone to feel that I do the right things and to feel supported:

For a small group of people who built a cart for a (race) competition and then crashed it in the first three seconds it was not a failure but a success because there is a thousand of people sitting on their sofas who said they would do better but they didn’t.

So when you think you do or make something useless think about the quote above and realize that you’re already doing more than the majority of people and in any way you got experience that will contribute to your future endeavors.

What does it have to do with passion?

To me these things are related. I never thought about that, but before I heard the quote above I had a moment that allowed me to discover my superpower which is being a passionate person.

Now that I had some time to think about it I realize that passion was my inner driver for more than last ten years of my life and maybe even the whole life when I didn’t know anything, including this word.

I’ll probably write about this more later some day, but the main point is that passion means much more to me than money or anything in between, regardless of personal life or work, and it spreads across all the things I do like tasks, learning, hobbies, etc.

I get inspired from other people like this every time I hear or see them and what they do or just read about them and understand that I’m touching or interacting with something that they made or were part of. I want to be like them, like other passionate people that were able to push the boundaries, doesn’t mean small or big, they don’t stop, because they want to do something to the world and they do those things instead of sitting on their sofas.

I definitely will.


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